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Emerald Dream has been speculated as an xpac last couple times. It’s a fan fav + few untouched themes left. Rumors say they just filed trademark for “The Dark Below” so that’s a current fav guess but some sites report that it was a hoax. *shrug*

*nodnodnod* I just learned a leak suggests “Warlords of Draenor”.



My niece just started third grade. I’m all kinds of emotional and not okay with this. How do actual parents handle this?

*sniffles* It seems like just yesterday I was filming her popping out of her mother’s vagina. 

Wait, you filmed her popping out of Missy’s vagina?


Xbox had backtracked on the 24 hour connection and their DRM policy. 


Do you think it’s too little too late, or will this change enough minds (or YOUR mind)?

I don’t think it’s too late. In fact, I expected that this would happen some time after E3 (this was a lot sooner than I expected, though). This is a good move on their part, and, at least in my opinion, the Xbox One has gone up in my esteem. (I’m still a bit iffy on the Kinect stuff, but I’m SO glad they’re backpedaling on the Always-On policy.)

I was talking with my brother and he was explaining what he’d read about the Xbox One’s cloud computing ability, which, I guess, many people in the industry are really interested in/excited about. That is, it will have the ability to outsource resources to the cloud. So, if there’s a game that would run better with, say, 12GB RAM than the 8GB RAM, it will pull that extra 4GB RAM from the cloud (that was the example my brother gave me, lol). I haven’t checked up on that in particular myself (that is to say, I don’t know if that’s something immediately available on launch, or whether it’s something they’re currently developing for it after launch, or how it would work), but that does have a lot of potential.

I’m curious to know what you think about this news. XD

50 plays
R. E. M.,
New Adventures in Hi Fi


R. E. M.—“So Fast, So Numb”

New Adventures in Hi Fi (Warner 1996).

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theplatypusfactor said: Wow that sounds so horrible…though it might totally be an Owl. I know Barn Owls kinda scream so I bet others make weird scary noises too.

Tumblr does not give me the right replies. 8( I’ve thought it might be an owl, but…I’ve never heard an owl make this sound. There is a Great Horned Owl that hangs out outside my window, but it hoots like a normal Great Horned Owl. XD

I guess I’m going to have to do a good impression and ask my father the wildlife guy what in hell it could be. XD

theplatypusfactor said: Wow that sounds horrible.

It kind of really is. :/ I mean, I think it’s telling that I thought I had hallucinated it the first time. I’d feel a lot better if I knew what kind of bird it was.

theplatypusfactor said: Yay! Glad you had a good time. :) What did you do?

My old roommates came up from Denver to visit. We had lunch at Old C’s and then saw The Croods. :D

theplatypusfactor said: Have you watched any more episodes of it? Take it that it didn’t get better?

I watched through the third episode. The costuming, filming locations and sets are all amazing, and there are three character I really like, but… Well, here’s where I sound like a pretentious asshole. I find the writing and most of the acting boring/annoying. I dislike extremely the main characters. I like Floki and Lagertha and the enslaved priest Athelstan, but the amount they’re actually in any given episode is small compared to the other characters. I chafe against the fact that the writers keep introducing really interesting concepts, especially in character and dynamics between characters, but then just let them drop off or change their minds 10 minutes later. I…dislike a lot about it. Mostly, because I find it boring (or annoying) as I watch, I can’t bring myself to keep watching for 45 minutes for the 10 minutes that I might enjoy. (I really annoyed the crap out of Sae when we tried watching the second episode together, and felt like a shithead for it.)

The whole reason I made the post to start is because I do see a lot of people reblogging stuff, and writing that they enjoy it - which is totally fine! and I’m glad they do - but I feel like, because many of these people are people I respect or admire, there’s something fundamentally wrong with me and my perceptions and opinions. Seeing that these people are enjoying it (and are able to watch it without being annoyed/bored?) makes me feel that I shouldn’t dislike it for X, Y, or Z reasons, that I’m being a twat or something.

This probably belongs on my other blog, but… I don’t know. I feel like I’m in a strange place, really, like I’m the odd duck out. (Which is how I feel about most things.)