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This is my space for the unexpected, a place without expectations, where I can pursue my interests and share my thoughts.

I technically started over the weekend, but I decided to announce it here now. For my mental health and happiness, I need to be away from tumblr for a while.

If you need to get in touch with me and do not have my phone number or my skype, you may put an ask in my box, I will see it in my email.

Other than that, I shall be back whenever it is I feel I can.

Love you guys. ♥

 Tom Hiddleston by Tomo Brejc. [x]

Tom Hiddleston by Tomo Brejc. [x]

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Yup, I’m excited. It’s out, it’s live!

I’m in love with the cover. I heart my characters. There are unexpected things in this book that I can’t wait for people to discover. Twists and little aha! moments and plenty of running around.

It’s not a huge epic, this is a book that can be devoured over a weekend, something special to enjoy on your lunch breaks for the next week.

This is a special edition, which means there’s a bunch of extra features. A short story, the origins of the main characters, and a little sourcebook that fills in a few details about the world of the Hantirri.

It’s available in print and ebook, so you can read it any time, any where, any how you like.

I’d love for you all to read it, and if you do, please let me know what you think. Better yet, please consider leaving an Amazon review?

Here are the links:

Amazon print edition

Amazon Kindle edition

Barnes & Noble Nook edition

The ebook editions are only $3.99!

Oh, and here’s the cover:



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reasons i am angry:

           This wasn’t in the movie

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saelokason said: Maybe. He has made some questionable fashion decisions himself.

That is a very good point. XD

Maybe we need to get Velly to tell him. I wouldn’t have Killy-Jay say a word because he suffers from similar bad taste.

Velly needs to take them to a nice dinner and explain to them nicely that they need to…do something about that poor taste. He’s good at that sort of thing, right??

Tell him that skulls in the crotch are a poor fashion choice.

You know, he just never listens when I tell him that. :(